Global Aerial Platforms

Global Aerial Platforms represent part of the future of unmanned aerial vehicles being used for commercial and public good purposes.

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The company is commercializing a range of aviation variants suitable for:

Aerial photography and HD video

Installation maintenance surveillance

Fire observation

Aerial surveying

Fisheries support

Search & Rescue


About us

Global Aerial Platforms represent part of the future of unmanned aerial vehicles being used for commercial and public good purposes.

Based in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, Global Aerial Platforms Ltd (‘GAP’) has the advantage of being based in a city known for excellence in manufacturing and digital technology.

The GAP team has already successfully launched one of the largest privately-operated UAVs to be built in New Zealand

New Zealand is moving towards a progressive regulatory environment for the safe use of UAVs. GAP has pulled together the attributes of Canterbury’s unclogged airways, clean air, world-class engineering research facilities and high tech electronics cluster for its UAV development programme.

GAP is a UAV aviation company formed in 2013 to develop and market unmanned aerial vehicles (‘UAV’) or drones.

Having completed the initial development of two of several planned variants, GAP is at the tipping point of commercialisation from where it is likely to require private equity at various stages. 

Product & Services

Global Aerial Platforms is a pioneering company in Unmanned Aerial Vehciles (UAV) products & services.

Global Ranger-1

Dual fuselage configuration. Primarily designed as a fast response specialty vehicle for search and rescue. Under an arrangement with Canterbury Coastguard in New Zealand, GAP showcased this UAV at the 2015 World Drones for Peace competition in Dubai. Global Ranger finished 6th in more than 800 entries from 57 countries around the world.

Global Ranger-2

  • Robust airframe extends our original long range systems & incorporates improved features with greater fuel & payload capacity
  • This advanced version is designed to cruise for up to 10 hours non-stop flight duration, and can attain higher altitudes
  • Power source is a front mounted motor which enables the deployment of equipment whilst airborne, for example - Life raft, Flares etc
  • The dual fuselages are larger to accommodate a larger mid-section suitable for #Sensors, #Transponders, #HighResolution Cameras etc
  • Can operate Day & Night with Auto Takeoff and Landing features
  • Ceiling height is currently 10,000ft on current power plant. Current range is 100km (200km diameter) with current autopilot


Currently in advanced testing phase, this heavy lift capability multi-rotor can have extensive payloads with a long duration (2 hours) endurance with variable pitch propellors.

UAV Flight Training

GAP has the expertise and UAV crafts along with approved flight corridors in Canterbury (New Zealand) to train your UAV operators. Inquire for for more details.

South East Asian trials


  • Global Aerial Platforms has delivered an enhanced air-frame of its new delta wing configuration to a multi-national company operating in several South-East Asian for trials in local conditions.
  • The smallest in size of the GAP portfolio, the UAV is designed as a fast response multi-purpose vehicle. The airframe contains the power system, motor and electronics.
  • The UAV is sized at 1.9 metres wingspan and its light weight enables it to be either launched by a two-person crew or from a catapult by a single operator.
  • The wing has a flight time of 40-50 minutes and with cruise speed of 50 knots is able to swiftly engage in an aerial search and rescue operation over land or seascape.
  • From sea or land SAR teams can deploy the wing for rapid reconnaissance of storm-damaged settlements. When fully tailored for onboard nose-camera, data can be streamed in real-time to a vessel or land crew for input into decision-making. On the UAV’s return t can land on either land or water for retrieval.
  • The UAV is also suitable for imaging and monitoring of valuable natural resources as a risk management tool.
  • The latest iteration is constructed from highly resilient fibre, which increases durability and robustness in the field in the hands of a trained UAV pilot.

On Demand Aerial Surveys, Aerial HD Photography

GAP is well equipped with advanced instruments and high resolution HD video cameras for on-demand aerial surveys and high-end aerial videography.

Global Ranger

The GAP delta wing is easily lifted by one person

Global Ranger

GAP Delta Wing
Launched with a reverse upwards throw and then controlled by a pilot

Contact Us

  • Address: 4/35 Newtown St, Bromley, Christchurch. 8062. New Zealand
  • Phone: 0272655557